Brands I’ve missed: #1 Soreen Malt Loaf


Now that I’m back in the UK, I keep being greeted by long lost brands that I had completely forgotten about during my time in Oz. A trip around the supermarket here is almost like a old school reunion some days.

So I thought I’d introduce you to a few long lost friends and see if you know them too. First cab off the rank is courtesy of Soreen.

Inside this unassuming little yellow packet is not only a rather tasty and surprisingly nutritious treat, but in my case a special key that unlocks memories of rainy afternoons by the fireside, thick slices of malt loaf thinly coated with butter, multiple cups of tea (‘builders’, of course) and a big pile of Sunday papers to wade through.


3 thoughts on “Brands I’ve missed: #1 Soreen Malt Loaf

  1. Sean, we buy Soreen every week in Sydney. I don’t know if it’s brewed under licence here (it certainly tastes like something made by a brewer rather than a baker), but the Soreen we enjoy here lacks none of the caramelised viscosity of the original. So that was 20 years of needless deprivation.

  2. Funny you should say that Nick. I looked into the topic and my research suggested that the issue is not so much recipe-based as shelf life-based. Malt loaf apparently has a 3 month shelf life and it takes about 10 weeks to arrive by boat, hence its rather dry chewy consistency ex Woolworths

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