Brands I’ve missed: #4 Match of the Day

MOTD rev

Da da da daa da-da da da-da (…is that enough da’s?)

Numerous Saturday nights during my childhood were spent staying up late (past 10 o’clock, I’ll have you know) to watch Match of the Day.

All these years later, I’m pleased to see that despite the new footage/retro footage mash-up during the opening credits, the oh-so familiar music remains untainted.

It is a credit to the Beeb that it has resisted the temptation to tweak the music “to appeal to a younger demographic”. Maybe an R&B version, a club anthem version or perhaps a stripped back acoustic version. No, give me the tinny organ version (or whatever that instrument is) any day.

All MOTD needs to look at now is its choice of pundits, where the current rather tedious and overbearing team (Shearer, Hansen, Lawrenson…  I’m looking at you) could quite easily be swept aside as far as I’m concerned to make way for the triumphant return of Jimmy ‘the chin’ Hill.


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