Brands I’ve missed: #8 Halfords

Halfords-cycling-store-001 (1)

Halfords is a brand I hadn’t given too much thought to for many years until the other day when I caught their excellent new TV commercial ‘The Trip’, featuring the anthemic sound of The Skids.

It wasn’t always this way though. When I was young, many long summer holidays were spent on my bike, cruising the surrounding country lanes with my posse.

And my local Halfords played an important role in this freewheeling lifestyle, ensuring that I was always roadworthy and ready to roll.

Whether this meant repairing buckled wheels, replacing brake pads, selling me little cans of oil for the chain or providing bicycle clips to stop my flares getting caught, Halfords was with me every mile of the way.

In recent years, I have witnessed many male friends becoming bitten, nay devoured by the cycling bug. When they gather together nowadays, talk often shifts to the finer points of carbon fibre frames, clipless pedals and GPS cycling apps as they feed an insatiable hunger for their new lycra-clad passion

I have largely remained on the fringes of these chats, primarily it has to be said due to my lack of a bike (plus of course the time/commitment/fitness to join them on their casual 6 hour Sunday rides to Woolongong and back)

But now, back in the UK and surrounded by glorious countryside, I’m feeling the pull of the pedal once more and thinking that just maybe Halfords is about to re-enter my life.


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