Brands I’ve missed: #10 The Archers


The Archers is a British institution. To the uninitiated, it is now the world’s longest running soap opera, having racked up over 16,000 episodes on BBC Radio 4.

Billed as ‘an everyday story of country folk’, The Archers has been entertaining UK radio listeners since 1951 – I know of many people who swear by it and have done so for many years. In fact, over 5 million Brits count themselves as regular listeners.

Although I have been away from England for far too long to have any idea of who the characters are and what plotlines are currently furrowing their rural brows, there is something reassuringly permanent about the show.

But despite lacking any intimate knowledge of the plot, when I hear the opening bars of the show’s distinctive and jaunty theme music, I too feel like putting my everyday life on pause for the next 15 minutes and escaping to the village of Ambridge. How about you?


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