Olympics watch: #2 National Lottery

National lottery

For many athletes, the Olympics represents the pinnacle of their entire sporting career.

Whilst some do manage to extend their performance through to subsequent Games, for many it is their one moment in time when ability coincides with opportunity.

A time when they happen to be at the top of their game at the precise moment the Olympics comes around.

And if the Games happen to be in their own country too…well, that truly is a once in a lifetime chance.

Much is made of athletes pursuing their dreams at the Olympics and we get to hear plenty about the success stories of those who actually manage to achieve these lofty goals. Think Cathy Freeman at Sydney 2000 for instance.

But what about those who fall by the wayside and never get the chance to follow their dream? Other factors (or just life itself) get in the way and their ambitions remain forever unrequited.

Understandably, we never get to hear their stories. Until now, that is.

National Lottery have produced a poignant and emotional ad, viewing the hopes of one British Olympic hopeful (Jenny Meadows) through her mother’s eyes.

Mrs Meadows Senior never got the chance to fulfil her sporting potential, but is now right behind her daughter as she pursues her own Olympic dream.

Stirring stuff and nicely consistent with National Lottery’s ‘Life changing’ campaign theme.


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