Olympics watch: #3 Ariel washing powder


Imagine the briefing session at the ad agency for this one….

“Our client has spent their next 10 years’ budget on an Olympics sponsorship and we need to create an ad to celebrate their involvement”.

“Great. What are we selling? Running shoes? Clothing? Sports drink? “

“No. Sorry. It’s Ariel washing powder”

But if the creatives’ initial feeling may have been one of disappointment, tinged with a whiff of “what on earth are we going to do here?”, the end result is pretty pleasing.

They latched onto something (the only thing?) that links two seemingly disparate entities – the world’s largest sporting event and a box of biological washing powder.

And what is that link, I hear you ask? Why, ‘Colours’ of course – the colours you wear when representing your country and the colours you try to preserve when washing your clothes. Simple really.

Whilst the Ariel’s commercial does have a bit of a global ‘made in the US/adapted to individual countries’ feel to it rather than a full-on celebration of Britishness , I still reckon it works well and makes light work of a tricky brief.

Nice one Procter & Gamble – self-appointed “proud keepers of our country’s colours”.


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