Olympics watch: #4 Pantene


As part of Procter & Gamble’s Olympics sponsorship, their main shampoo brand Pantene has just muscled its way up to the advertising campaign start line.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find after a period of intense physical activity, albeit at a slightly sub-Olympic level, my hair is generally not quite at its best.

Dripping wet and plastered to my head, it is a look may be in keeping with the beetroot colour of my cheeks, but aesthetically, it’s not always too pleasing on the eye.

Crank the athletic performance levels up a few thousand percent and pop a cycling helmet on for good measure and I shudder to think what my hair would look like.

Which is why Pantene comes across as a rather suprising sponsorship partner, using a rather unexpected image.

In the UK version of the campaign, cyclist Victoria Pendleton is portrayed, very stylishly it must be said, with her long hair flapping in the breeze behind her as she rides along, sporting a rather fetching 70’s disco-style gold ‘outfit’. Not the sort of thing you’d find on the clothing rack at Halfords.

However, in a sport where hundredths of a second count, I’m a little concerned that the bouffant hair is lacking a bit in the aerodynamics department.

But then again, if Vicky’s hair can look this good after competing in the Keirin (or whatever it is called), then maybe I should consider introducing a spot of Pantene into my own post-sports hair care regime after all.


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