Olympics watch: #5 Adidas

Today UK Athletics announced their final squad for the Olympics and in so doing, helped to realise the dreams of some athletes, whilst also shattering the hopes of many others.

Elsewhere, other UK sporting bodies have also been busy making their own final selections as they reach tough decisions over who they believe has the best chance of delivering those all important medals for Great Britain in a few weeks time.

These announcements are further evidence that the waiting is nearly over and it is now time for the chosen few to deliver the performances of their lives and thereby achieve sporting immortality.

Olympics sponsor Adidas has taken this idea of athletes ‘seizing the moment’ in their stunning new ‘Take the stage’ spot.

It sets out to convey the challenges and sacrifices that top athletes face in pursuing their dreams, but it also recognises the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that a home country Olympics offers them to capture the hearts of a nation.

From the soundtrack to the voice-over to the imagery to the urban settings to the characters, the ad is highly patriotic and emotional, but achieves this without resorting to the well-trodden and clichéd paths that advertisers often default to when big sporting events come round.

I was looking forward to the Games already, but now I’m looking forward to them just that little bit more. Thanks Adidas.


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