Olympics watch: #6 Aviva


When there is so much Olympic-themed advertising around, advertisers need to come up with something truly distinctive to get noticed, let alone to really resonate with people.

Sadly, Aviva’s Olympic ad is not one of those campaigns.

To be fair, there is nothing particularly wrong with their TV ad, but it does feel like a lost chance for a rather dull insurance company to do something that isn’t, well, rather dull.

Their (admittedly nicely shot) ad features a handful of Aviva’s sponsored athletes, busy training for the Games before a rather heavy handed voice-over boasts about how Aviva have been sponsoring athletes since 1999.

Nothing to pull on the heartstrings, nothing clever, nothing surprising, indeed, nothing much to do with insurance either, just a straightforward sponsor’s message, wanting to ensure that we all know how supportive they are.

Change the voice-over and end frame, and it could have been for just about any other company in any other category. So much for branding eh?

But I guess the question here is who they see themselves competing against.

If their aim is to be seen as the most Olympic-friendly insurance company, then big tick, well done Aviva.

However, if their aim is to come up with a creative Superbowl-style ad that will really get them noticed and talked about outside of the insurance category, then I’m afraid this feels like a lost opportunity.

I wonder if they can insure themselves against the risk of wasting advertising budget?


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