Olympics watch: #8 Omega


Omega have quite a claim to fame – “official timekeepers of 25 Olympics”.

I dare say they must include Winter Olympics in this definition as well, otherwise I can imagine their role in the first of those 25 (Summer) Olympiads some 100 years ago would have involved some top-hatted official whipping out a fob watch to record the finishing time.

Either way, it is an impressive record and one that fully deserves to be celebrated during London 2012. And celebrate it Omega certainly has with a very stylish new ad.

It features extreme close-up slow motion shots of a variety of athletes, capturing (in minute detail) every bead of sweat or twitch of muscle as they prepare for the start of their races.

Visually the ad is captivating and its impact is further enhanced by Omega’s choice of music, a stop-start remix version of the Rolling Stones’ classic ‘Start me up’.

And what soundtrack could possibly be more topical in the week when the Stones celebrated an unbelievable 50 years since their debut gig.

In the ad, we are spared the product shot until near the end, but the over-riding impression it leaves throughout is one of ‘Precision’. Precision athletic performances and precision timekeeping.

And I’d say that was a pretty good message for a prestige watchmaker to be communicating. Nice one Omega.


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