Brands I’ve missed: #12 Bottle Green


Over the last few years, any holidays back to the UK have usually taken place during the summer months, as we hope for a bit of sunshine to brighten up those long hours of daylight.

One abiding memory of those holidays has been the lunchtimes spent around my mum’s kitchen table, as it groans under the weight of the vast array of food she has prepared to ‘keep us going’.

But when it came to drinks, I always found myself drawn towards a rather tall elegant green bottle, lurking in the recesses of her fridge, cunningly named Bottle Green.

Whilst the company does apparently make other drinks too, for me, the name Bottle Green is synonymous with only one beverage and that, of course is elderflower cordial.

If you’ve never tried elderflower cordial before, I can highly recommend it. It has a delicate, sweet refreshing flavour that can be just what the doctor ordered on a hot summer’s day.

During my country walks around Lewes I have often come across hedgerows full of those distinctive white elderflowers and have been tempted to pick a sackload of them in order to develop my own patent recipe, but for now, I’ll leave the hard work to the experts.

Being a former advertising man, I might even be tempted to call it “summer in a bottle”, or “the taste of the hedgerow”, but on second thoughts I’ll just keep quiet, safe in the knowledge that I can now enjoy my own little piece of summer all year round. Cheers.


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