Brands I’ve missed: #14 Solpadeine


After last night’s Paralympics closing ceremony and following August’s Olympics extravaganza, the summer party is sadly over for Britain and the hangover begins.

In a rather clumsy segue, (and as those that know me will confirm), I too have always struggled with hangovers, often with a scale and ferocity completely out of kilter with the night before.

In that state, I have regularly required medication to soothe my fevered brow. And since college days, my opiate of choice has been Solpadeine.

Upon first moving to Australia, I discovered to my horror that Solpadeine was unavailable down under – something about the devilish formula that fell foul of the Australian Medical Association guidelines.

I tried alternatives, believe me I did, but somehow nothing worked quite the same.

As a result, there followed an extended period of drug smuggling – loading up my bags with the familiar red packets after every holiday back in the UK and sweating my way through customs as I returned to Sydney.

Now I am back home, the good news is that I can stroll into my neighbourhood Boots and purchase any future packets of Solpadine at will (subject to some fairly fierce cross-examination, I might add – “why do you need them?”…”have you had them before”)

Now all I need is to start indulging in a few more ‘nights before’.


One thought on “Brands I’ve missed: #14 Solpadeine

  1. I can so relate to your comments. Despite assurance that our ‘Panadeine’ is equal to Solpadeine, I must heartily disagree. How backward are we! It’s OK for the Brits to take Solpadeine but not us colonials. We must continue to suffer and swallow useless medication until our Medics catch up. Get with it Australia!

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