Brands I’ve missed: #14 Solpadeine


After last night’s Paralympics closing ceremony and following August’s Olympics extravaganza, the summer party is sadly over for Britain and the hangover begins.

In a rather clumsy segue, (and as those that know me will confirm), I too have always struggled with hangovers, often with a scale and ferocity completely out of kilter with the night before.

In that state, I have regularly required medication to soothe my fevered brow. And since college days, my opiate of choice has been Solpadeine.

Upon first moving to Australia, I discovered to my horror that Solpadeine was unavailable down under – something about the devilish formula that fell foul of the Australian Medical Association guidelines.

I tried alternatives, believe me I did, but somehow nothing worked quite the same.

As a result, there followed an extended period of drug smuggling – loading up my bags with the familiar red packets after every holiday back in the UK and sweating my way through customs as I returned to Sydney.

Now I am back home, the good news is that I can stroll into my neighbourhood Boots and purchase any future packets of Solpadine at will (subject to some fairly fierce cross-examination, I might add – “why do you need them?”…”have you had them before”)

Now all I need is to start indulging in a few more ‘nights before’.


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