A tale of two bridges



When I first arrived in Sydney, the things that made the biggest impression on me were Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

All three were images which I had seen many, many times before in myriad books and travel brochures, not to mention on TV, but soehow seeing them in real life, laid out in front of me, took my breath away.

As the years went by, they became more a part of my everyday life

“Lets’s meet for a drink down by the opera house”… “I went out on the harbour at the weekend”…or quite often… “I’m stuck in traffic on the bridge”.

However, although they became more familiar, they never lost their magic for me and I would always pause for a moment to drink in the view whenever I was passing by.

But now that I have moved 12,000 miles away and am working in London, it seems as if I have replaced one bridge with another.

Every day my new journey to work takes me over the River Thames via Tower Bridge, a very different looking bridge, but equally iconic.

Tower Bridge was first opened in 1894 and is one of the most recognisable sights of London

It simply oozes history and not surprisingly played a starring role in 2012’s memorable Jubilee and Olympics celebrations.

It is wonderfully photogenic  – a truth I find reinforced every day as I dodge multiple groups of tourists jostling to take pictures of each other against the bridge’s majestic backdrop.

Many years ago, when I was first working in London, I remember an old cockney work colleague saying something rather wise to me.

“Too many people (..“me old china”, he may have added) who live in London spend their lives rushing around with their heads down. They should lift up their heads and appreciate the beauty all around them.”.

I know exactly what he meant. I always did that in Sydney and I’m now doing it every day in London too.


2 thoughts on “A tale of two bridges

  1. And of course since your colleague all those years ago talked about spending their lives rushing around with their heads down, we now have millions of people rushing around with heads downa nd ears clogged with iphones, smart phones, ipods et al.

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