The Monochrome Set


Over the last few weeks the weather has been a bit, well grey – grey rain falling from grey skies onto grey pavements.

(Not altogether surprising mind you considering we have been in the depths of winter).

Anyhow, the other day, as I alighted from my morning train onto the rather dank platform, I lifted my gaze (adhering to my own advice from a recent blog) and surveyed the crowds of commuters scuttling off to their offices. As I did so, a thought struck me.

At this time of year, it is not only the sky that looks dull, most of the people do too.

And you know who I blame for this? ….the fashion industry, that’s who.

Just about everyone I could see was wearing a coat (obviously), but that sea of outer garments seemed to have been chosen exclusively from a colour palette ‘ranging’ from black to dark grey to to dark blue. Nothing light, nothing bright.

Actually, that is not entirely true. Up ahead, I spotted a woman wearing a vibrant red coat. To say she stood out would be an understatement.

In fact, it reminded me of the scene from Spielberg’s rather harrowing movie ‘Schindlers List’ where the black and white footage is suddenly interrupted by a small girl wandering around in a red coat (for reasons I could never quite fathom)

Before starting my new job, with the nights drawing in, I embarked on a shopping trip for a new coat and guess what? I ended up with a navy blue one, thus adding one more sombre piece to the generally subdued streetscape.

At the time, I remember thinking that there was rather a lack of excitement in the ‘coat category’, but still bought one anyway.

Now, I’m not saying I would have bought a lime green or mandarin coloured coat if they had been on offer, but I might have gone for something slightly more exotic. Maybe.

It seems ironic with us coming to the end of the annual London Fashion Week (where no doubt the female models again wore bin liners or cardboard boxes and the men sported antlers and speedos) that there is such a distinct lack of colour on the streets.

Surely the fashion designers could channel a little of their zany edginess onto the clothes racks of the high street stores, couldn’t they?

Maybe it’s all a bit late for this year, but I will be fascinated to see whether, as spring arrives and the flowers start to bloom, we also see the nation’s wardrobes burst into life, brightening up the nation’s pavements and platforms with splashes of vibrant colour.


2 thoughts on “The Monochrome Set

  1. So how does that song go… that old Beatles song….. “Here comes the sun….blah blah blah…..” Now Sean has been back for 12 months nearly….. let’s change it to “Here comes the Pom…” The blogs are becoming distinctly English my friend, good to see…. ha ha

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