100 Not Out


One of the good things about publishing a blog via WordPress is that they furnish you with lots of stats so you can see how many (or few) people are reading your pearls of wisdom.

Thanks to my ‘stats dashboard’, I know that over the last year and a bit, I’ve had over 7,600 visits and my ‘daily views’ have ranged from a rather disappointing zero to  a rather pleasing 388.

And whilst not exactly ‘big data’ (to quote a term I’m already a bit tired of professionally), further analysis is still possible and does throw up some interesting discoveries.

For instance, I know that 46% of all visits have come from Australia, 34% from the UK and the rest scattered across all manner of locations, including solitary visits from places as diverse as Libya, Puerto Rico and the Faroe Isles.

I also know that amidst all the various search engine terms that have led to my blog posts, rather worryingly, one of the most common has been variations on the theme of ‘man standing on the edge of a cliff’.

The reason I mention all of this is that as soon as I press ‘publish’ on this particular post, WordPress will ping back a message to say “Congratulations. This is your 100th post”. Or at least I sincerely hope they do.

That’s 100 posts in about 13 months, or an average of slightly under 2 posts per week. Not exactly prolific, but not too bad either.

When I mentioned this impending milestone to someone recently, their comment was “I bet you never thought you’d reach this point when you sat down to write your first one”.

Being English, the obvious response is a self-effacing one, along the lines of “Too right. I’m amazed I even wrote one and I’m amazed anyone has read them either”.

But that’s not entirely the case because I’ve got previous, you see.

Back in Australia, one day I decided to write a marketing-type newsletter/blog to help promote my company. It was called ‘Here’s a thought’ and in case you are intrigued, the old entries are gathering cobwebs here.

I committed to write it monthly and amidst the wasteland of abandoned blogs and long forgotten newsletters, I stuck to that timetable, publishing 37 consecutive editions, right up until the month before I left Oz.

So, I know I have the persistence, but could I find an interesting and enduring topic to write about? A topic that would keep on giving?

Well fortunately I think I lucked out here.

Returning to my homeland after so long away, I have found that there is an absolute wealth of subjects to write about. From the nostalgic to the current and from the weird to the wonderful, England has turned out to be the subject that just keeps on giving.

I currently have an ever growing list of about 30 possible topics for future blogs and every week something new seems to introduce itself to me and beg for consideration.

So whilst today, I’m happy to raise my bat towards the pavilion and savour the applause on reaching 100 not out (from WordPress, anyway), tomorrow it will be head down and start grafting towards the next century.

I’d be delighted if you came along for the ride.


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