A Fresh Start…


One of the benefits of having a WordPress blog is that they send you a rather attractive report at the end of each year, reviewing your blogging activity with them over the preceding 12 months

A year ago, I remember poring over the data to see which posts were my most popular and where all the views came from – I discovered, for instance that I have a modest fan base in Italy for some obscure reason (‘Ciao’ to you if you’re reading this).

This gave me a renewed enthusiasm for blogging in 2015 and, sure enough the year began strongly with two posts in two days….but then it all ground to a halt. Not a single post after that. Zilch.

Consequently, my need for complex data analytics this year has been somewhat limited.

I’m not exactly sure why such sloth set in so early in the year. Busy at work? Busy with the family? Got out of the habit?

It’s not as if there weren’t some juicy UK topics to write about in 2015 – a general election, a rugby world cup, a labour leadership coup and the demise of Top Gear to name just four.

Yet somehow the last year has been dominated by larger and generally gloomier news from elsewhere as terrorism, refugees, corruption and national disasters continually make the headlines.

Indeed, a part of me wondered if continuing to write a whimsical little blog about my resumed love affair with the UK is appropriate against such an overwhelming backdrop.

Also, I pondered at what point does the novelty of being ‘back home’ wear off and it just becomes the place where I live?  Is it still possible to look at my homeland through the same fresh eyes I had when I first returned?

And if/when I reach that point, does it obviate the role of the blog?

But then I got a grip and stopped taking myself so seriously.

I realised that I love my country, I can still find many positive things to say about it and I really enjoy writing so I reckon that is reason enough to reboot the blog and try to be somewhat more prolific than I was in 2015.

Which is all a rather long winded way of saying that Back Home is officially Back On!

Happy New Year to anyone reading this and I’ll be in touch again soon

(or Felice Anno Nuovo if you are reading this in Rome)


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Start…

  1. Welcome back mate, I just assumed you were busy with work. I have thoroughly enjoyed the blogs in the past and I look forward to a rejuvenated Sean in 2016. I’m actually in Cape Town looking forward to the Second test. Stay in touch, ROB

    • Thanks Rob and HNY to you. Hope life is treating you well – give me a shout if you make it back to the old dart again

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