Happy 5th anniversary


28th March 2012…….that date will be forever etched into my mind.

It was the date I got up in the wee small hours to head to Sydney airport with a one-way ticket in my pocket and my final 30kg of possessions crammed into my remaining bags.

It was also the date, thanks to the vagaries of time difference and a ‘direct’ Emirates flight, that I touched down at Gatwick, ready to start my new adventure ‘Back home’

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The last week or so has been somewhat momentous for me.

Firstly, my humble blog (with a little bit of a push from the excellent Viva Lewes) made it past the 5,000 hits mark a few days ago.

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46 years of hurt


With apologies to the non sports lovers amongst you, as a football mad blogger now living in a football mad country, I thought I really should write something about Euro 2012 which began today in Poland and the Ukraine.

For the unititiated, ‘Euro 2012’ is not the date on the tombstone of the single European currency (…or maybe it will be), but refers to the ‘UEFA European Football Championships’, a once-every-4-years prize competed for by the top 16 footballing nations in Europe.

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