Great British summer of sport (part two)

Sports fans

Last summer, my first one living back in the UK for two decades, was a patriotic sports fan’s nirvana.

Naturally there was the full glory of the Olympics and Paralympics which seemed to inspire British sportspeople and sports fans in equal measures.

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True Olympic spirit


As the Olympics enter day seven, it is a case of so far, so good on all counts.

With blanket media coverage and large crowds thronging to the venues (except, of course to those where the so-called Olympic family has selfishly demanded loads of tickets and then not shown up to watch) it is fair to say that the British public has embraced the spirit of the Games.

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Arise Sir Bradley


This morning I was in my local branch of Waitrose, where I came across an elderly but very friendly check-out lady.

After exchanging pleasantries about the weather (“looking like a nice day today”) and the upcoming Olympics (“I hope the weather stays fine for it”), the conversation shifted abruptly.

“Isn’t that Bradley Wiggins going well” she said, quite out of the blue.

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