During my time in Australia, I became an Australian citizen, thus making me a dual national and the proud owner of two passports to boot.

At my citizenship ceremony, us new Aussies got to sing ‘our’ national anthem (‘Advance Australia Fair’) for the first time – not as part some kind of test (“Get it right or there’s no certificate for you mate”), but more as a celebration of our newly adopted nation.

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Waving the flag


Before leaving Sydney, I had a conversation with a colleague about whether I considered Australia or England to be ‘home’. His point was that I had spent so long in Sydney, that surely I must call Australia home by now.

But then he spoilt his argument by saying that his own acid test was who I supported in the Ashes and he assumed by now I was right behind Clarkey and his team of bad losers. Sorry Geoffrey, game over, argument lost and where did I put those plane tickets?

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