Olympics watch: #2 National Lottery

National lottery

For many athletes, the Olympics represents the pinnacle of their entire sporting career.

Whilst some do manage to extend their performance through to subsequent Games, for many it is their one moment in time when ability coincides with opportunity.

A time when they happen to be at the top of their game at the precise moment the Olympics comes around.

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Olympics watch: #1 British Airways


With the London Olympics now just a month away, many marketers are preparing for their final burst, bunching up on the bend ready for the sprint to the finish line.

With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to capture a few examples here. Good and bad.

First off the blocks is national carrier British Airways seeking to capture the UK public’s patriotic emotions in the way that airlines often tend to do.

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Let the games commence


And so the Olympic flame is back in Britain for the first time since 1948.

Its arrival follows a week of pageantry in Greece, culminating in the flame from Mt Olympus being transferred to a British torch (which promptly went out) whilst an austerity-sized package of 5 doves were released into the air.

The British delegation comprised a rather unlikely and eclectic team including flamboyant/crazy London mayor Boris Johnson, Lord Coe (or ‘Seb’ to the rest of us), Princess Anne and, of course, David Beckham.

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