The Independent


One of the things I missed most whilst living in Australia was being able to read British newspapers on a daily basis.

Sure they have some good newspapers in Australia, but for me, nothing quite matches the extraordinary diversity, vibrancy and sheer inventiveness of the British press.

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Brands I’ve missed: #5 WH Smith


WH Smith, with its eclectic mix of magazines, stationery, books and records, played a special part in my life for a while. In fact, during my early teenage years, I reckon it was the shop I spent more time in than any other.

Back then, I could quite happily spend hours looking through the record racks, seeking some album that wasn’t there the last time I looked (probably the previous weekend).

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Brands I’ve missed: #2 The Guardian

The Guardian

I should start by stating that my affection for the Guardian has nothing to do with any lefty leanings on my part. Rather it is that I find the wide variety of content and the sheer quality of (most of) the writing that keeps me stimulated for hours.

I’m hoping it is possible to maintain this view without being tagged a “Guardian reader”, which is seldom used in a complimentary way.