I am English. I was born and raised in Berkshire and I lived in the South of England until my twenties, glorying in all things English (or most things, anyway).

Then, on a whim, I decided to move to Australia to have a bit of an adventure “for a few years”. But suddenly it was two decades later and I discovered I was still there. How did this all happen?

Having acquired a young family by now, it was time to decide where we wanted to spend the next chapter of our lives.

Rightly or wrongly, we decided it was time to return to England….but probably to a very different England compared with the one I left behind all those years ago.

This blog is the story of that adventure.

I was once told that my writing style was “robustly humorous” which I took as being a euphemism for being mildly insulting as I lash out at targets all around me.

By way of explanation, I try to write with tongue firmly in cheek. Apart from making me look a bit odd, it can occasionally upset the odd person. If that is the case here, I make no apologies (unless of course you are a publisher looking for a new blogging superstar, in which case I am really, really sorry.)

Please read, enjoy and spread the word of one man’s journey “back home”.


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